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EMDR Therapy (Online Service Available)

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. EMDR has been around for a long time, thoroughly researched since the late 1980’s, and is considered by the American Psychiatric Association, the Department of Defense and the World Health Organization to effectively treat trauma and emotional distress stemming from upsetting life experiences. Because it’s been researched, evaluated and written about in so much detail, I can’t do a better job explaining it than either of the excellent websites I have listed below.

However, what I can say is:  Your brain has 3 channels of information:  the “thinking channel,” the “feeling channel,” the “body channel, and EMDR works with all three. Many therapies are quite good at working with content from the thinking and feeling channels but not all therapies incorporate content from the body channel. EMDR does just that (as does Sensorimotor Psychotherapy). Decades of well-established, scientific research show how overwhelming, disturbing life experiences are stored differently in the brain and “live on” in the body, often outside of conscious awareness, even though the event is long over and done with. This “living on” is like a type of stuck learning that resides in the brain/body’s central nervous system. So, it makes sense:  if trauma “lives on” and “lives on” in the brain and body, then, in order for therapy to be as thorough and effective as possible, therapy must include the body “channel!” It also makes sense that EMDR is effective with other types of “stuck learning,” which explains why EMDR research shows such positive results with Anxiety Disorders.

I invite you to hear it from clients who have done EMDR Therapy by watching the video below and, if you’re interested in learning more, check out my blog about EMDR Therapy. Either of the websites below can also answer questions you might have about EMDR, like “How does it work?” or “Does it really work?” The sites also have thorough listings of scientific research outlining the effectiveness of EMDR Therapy.

I am a Certified EMDR Therapist, who has been helping people with EMDR Therapy since 2005, and am currently accepting new clients. If you know you want EMDR Therapy, please contact me to schedule an intake appt. If my office is not conveniently located near you, please visit the EMDRIA website and click the “Find a Therapist” button. Be sure to see my vlog about “Choosing an EMDR Therapist” (coming soon!)

www.emdria.org                     www.emdr.com

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