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Darla's Blog:

06.14.19 - Do You Suffer From Dental Trauma or Dental Anxiety?

  • How many times have you literally white knuckled your way through a dental appointment?
  • How many of us 40, 50 or 60-year-old somethings have dental anxiety?
  • How many of us watch how differently things are done with our kids and think to ourselves, “Man, if that had been done with me, I wouldn’t have nearly the issues I have right now with going to the Dentist.”

Count me in as one of the 50 somethings with dentist/dental issues; that is, until today... READ MORE


Frozen Shoulder

Last Fall, all of a sudden I felt the oh-so-familiar burning sensation but this time it was in my left shoulder. “Again?”, I protested, “But I didn’t even do anything to hurt you this time! Why are you doing this? It’s not like the last time, when I gave you a reason..." READ MORE


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Imagine two scenarios: In the first, your therapist uses what you know is a scientifically proven, evidenced based therapy approach but yet, you don't quite connect with her. She's nice and you like her but you just feel like she doesn't quite get you. Now the second: Your therapist uses a type of therapy that isn't yet labeled evidenced based, but you feel like she totally gets you. Now, guess in which scenario you will have the best therapy results... READ MORE



EMDR Therapy

Intrinsic to EMDR Therapy is a principle that states human beings have a biological instinct to heal. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber talked about this principle in his 2004 book, The Instinct to Heal: Curing Anxiety and Stress Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy. We’ve all seen our body’s instinct to heal in action right? Think about how your body repairs a minor injury, like a scratch, all on its own! If only healing every injury could be that simple... READ MORE


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